Breeding Program

Red Angus Society Breed code: AIC
Angus Society Breed code: SEL

Anama Red Angus has a very stringent breeding program which revolves around our breeding objectives. A highly disciplined approach ensures our objectives are achieved. The breeding program aims to make small improvements to many traits over time. Over a short period of time (1-2 years) the changes are small, over a period of 10 years the changes are large.

Cow with calf

This is particularly important for traits such as gestation length, calving ease, intra-muscular fat, estimated muscle area and scrotum circumference. Small changes to these traits may not significantly affect profitability but over time they can have large effects on herd management, marketability of offspring and income.

We retain the best females for our stud and we rigorously research and search for new sires. We aim to breed high performing easy care bulls with strong constitution and structure suitable for Australian conditions. Our stud breeding objectives are as follows:

  • High growth with moderate birth weight
  • Feminine, fertile and easy calving cows
  • Average EBVs for fat, easy doing soft coated animals that will fatten on grass
  • Sound feet, strong constitution and structure
  • Industry leading carcase EBVs
Pregnancy scanning

Fertility is particularly important to our breeding program. All cows are mated for two natural cycles only. All animals which are pregnancy tested as non-pregnant are removed from the herd. All bulls have their scrotum circumference recorded, females are mated at 15 months and high fertility bulls are chosen.

Anama is a leader in performance recording. We have consistently measured weight, carcass and fertility traits for over thirty years. Anama has been involved in Red Angus Group Breedplan and Angus Group breedplan for over twenty years. In 1988 we started scanning cattle for EMA (estimated muscle area) and fat. In 1998 we started scanning cattle for IMF (intra-muscular fat) percentage.

GroupBreedplan results and visual appraisal are combined to select superior animals.

Anama Red Angus has done limited showing in the last 10 years. This has taken place to support the breed and help market our cattle. Generally we believe it upsets our breeding program. Animals are removed from their contemporary groups, calving time can be compromised and extra resources are required to feed and prepare the cattle. We have a balanced approach where our cattle must perform under commercial conditions and fit in with the rest of the farm.