Anama Red Angus

Red Angus Society of Australia

Anama is located 160 km north of Adelaide and 16 km north of Clare in the heart of the mid north region of South Australia and the Clare Valley. Located in a reliable 500 mm rainfall area, Anama has been a family run property since its settlement in 1841. Anama is a foundation stud of the Red Angus Society of Australia and was founded in 1970.

The Anama herd was formed with females from the Blackwood Stud, Emu Vale Herd and Jillangolo stud. Over the years bulls from Rosebank, Emu Vale, Bungaree, Weewalla, Moorwatha and Jillangolo were used.

Sunset at Anama

From its inception Anama has concentrated on constitution, fertility, growth, and carcass quality. This has been achieved from rigorous selection within the herd combined with the introduction of Australian and north American sires.

We aim to produce performance breed seed stock with good structure for commercial cattlemen. Anama stud cattle are run under commercial conditions, in conjunction with sheep and cropping. Each enterprise must compete for farm area and prove its profitability. Crops are grown for grain production, not for cattle feed. Cattle graze improved pastures, native grasses and native woodland areas during the winter and spring. During summer and autumn cattle graze crop residues, such as wheat straw and barley stubble. Winter temperatures can average around 5°C, and during this time cows are fed hay which supplements pastures that are high in water content.